Albertawow contains information and photo galleries of Alberta National Park Campgrounds, Alberta Provincial Park campgrounds, hiking trails, interesting nature, points of interest and Wildlife that can be found throughout the province of Alberta, Canada. This site is an ongoing compilation of pictures and Alberta information that is maintained by Mark Townsend. The province of Alberta is located in Western Canada offering a variety of terrain consisting of the Great Plains, Rocky Mountains, Boreal Forest and Bad Lands. The interactive map below shows the location of campgrounds, hikes and points of interests that have been indexed on this site. Feel free to add your reviews and any comments by using the 'Review Section' found on each information page linked below.

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Alberta Provincial Park Campgrounds
Beaver Dam Campground
Beaver Lake Campground
Beaver Flat Campground
Big Berland Campground
Big Knife Campground
Bleriot Ferry Campground
Blue Rock Campground Kananaskis Country
Boulton Creek Campground Kananaskis Country
Bow River Campground Kananaskis Country
Bow Valley Campground Kananaskis Country
Buck Lake Campground
Brazeau Reservoir Campground
Brazeau Reservoir East Canal Campground
Brazeau Reservoir West Canal Campground
Brewers Campground
Buffalo Lake Campground
Cache Campground William A. Switzer P.P
Calhoun Bay Campground
Canyon Creek Campground Kananaskis Country
Carson Pegasus Campground
Cataract Creek Campground Kananaskis Country
Chain Lakes Campground
Chambers Creek Campground
Chrystina Lake Campground
Cold Lake Campground
Crimson Lake Campground
Crescent Falls Campground David Thompson Country
Cross Lake Campground
Dinosaur Provincial Park Campground
Dry Haven Campground David Thompson Country
Elk Flats Group Campground
Elk Wood Campground Kananaskis Country
Etherington Creek Campground Kananaskis Country
Fickle Lake Campground
Fish Lake Campground David Thompson Country
Franchere Bay Campground
Freeman River Campground
Garner Lake Campground
Gleniffer Reservoir Dickson Dam Campground
Goldeye Lake Campground David Thompson Country
Gooseberry Campground Kananaskis Country
Gooseberry Lake Campground
Graveyard Campground William A. Switzer P.P
Gregg Lake Campground William A. Switzer P.P
Halfway Campground William A. Switzer P.P
Harlech CampgroundDavid Thompson Country
Hilliard's Bay Campground
Hornbeck Campground
Indian Graves Campground Kananaskis Country
Interlake's Campground Kananaskis Country
Iosegun Lake Campground
Jarvis Bay Campground
Jarvis Lake Campground William A. Switzer P.P
Jackfish Lake Campground David Thompson Country
Kehiwin Lake Campground
Lac des Arcs Campground Kananaskis Country
Lakeview Campground
Lake McGregor Campground
Little Bow Campground
Little Bow Reservoir Campground
Little Bow Travers Dam Campground
Little Elbow Campground Kananaskis Country
Livingstone Falls Campground Kananaskis Country
Long Lake Campground
Lower Kananaskis Lake Campground K Country
Marten River Campground
Medicine Lake Campground
Miquelon Lake Campground
Moose Lake Campground
Mount Kidd Campground Kananaskis Country
Mount Sarrail Campground Kananaskis Country
Nojack Campground David Thompson Country
North Buck Lake Campground
Obed Lake Campground
Pembina River Campground
Paddy's Flat Campground Kananaskis Country
Phyllis Lake Campground
Pierre Grey's Lakes CampgroundPierre Grey's Lakes P.P.
Pigeon Lake Campground
Pine Coulee Campground
Point backcountry Hike In Campground K Country
Prairie Creek Campground
Red Lodge Campground
Rochon Sands Campground
Sandy McNabb Campground Kananaskis Country
Sheep Creek Campground

Sibbald Lake Campground Kananaskis Country

Sir Winston Churchill Campground
Strachan Campground
Starland County Campground
Strawberry Equestrian campground Kananaskis Country
Sulphar Gates Equestrian Campground
Swan Lake Campground
Tay River Campground

The Narrows Campground

Thompson Creek Campground David Thompson Country

Three Sisters Campground Kananaskis Country
Thunder Lake Campground

Tolman East Bridge Campground

Tombstone Backcountry Campground
Trapper Lea`s Cabin Campground
Twin Lakes Campground
Two O'clock Creek Campground David Thompson Country

Vermilion Campground

Wabamun Lake Campground

Waskahigan River Campground
Watson Creek Campground
Whitney Lakes Ross Lake Campground
Wildhorse Lake Campground
Willow Rock Campground Kananaskis Country

Writing On Stone Campground

Wyndam Carseland Campground

Zeiner Campground

More to come


Banff National Park Campgrounds
Aylmer Junction LM8 Backcountry Campground
Castle Mountain Campground
Johnston Canyon Campground
Lake Louise Campground
Mosquito Creek Campground
Paradise Valley Back Country Campground
Protection Mountain Campground
Rampart Creek Campground
Tunnel Mountain Campground
Two Jack Lakeside Campground
Water Fowl Lake Campground


Jasper National Park Campgrounds
Columbia Icefield Campground
Honeymoon Lake Campground
Icefield Centre RV Parking Lot
Jonas Creek Campground
Mount Kerkeslin Campground
Pocahontas Campground
Snaring River Campground
Wabasso Campground
Wapiti Campground
Whistlers Campground
Wilcox Creek Campground


Waterton National Park Campgrounds
Belly River Campground
Crandell Campground
Waterton Townsite Campground

Elk Island National Park Campgrounds
Sandy Beach Astotin Lake Campground

Alberta Wow Nature

Berries and Vegetation










Alberta Wow Wildlife
Bald Eagle
Big Horn Sheep
Black Bear

Canada Goose

Cedar Waxwing



Cutthroat Trout
Garter Snake

Great Horned Owl

Grizzly Bear

Hoary Marmot
Long Eared Owl


Ring Necked Pheasant



Mallard Duck



Prairie Falcon

Spruce Grouse

Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly

White Tailed Deer

Wood Bison (Buffalo)



Campground Locations   (View Larger Map)


Hike Locations  (View Larger Map)

Alberta Wow Hiking Trails and Points of Interest (Map)
  Alberta & Kananaskis Hikes
Alexander Henry's Trail Hike
Allstones Creek Hike
Allstones Lake Hike
Big Whirlpool & Whirlpool Ridge Hike
Carnarvon Lake Hike
Coral Ridge Hike
Crescent Falls
Diplomat Mine Interpretive Site
Elbow Falls Picnic Area
Elbow Loop
Elbow Loop To Kananaskis Lakes
Elbow Lake Hike
Elbow Falls Picnic Area
Etherington Creek Area
Forget Me Not Ridge Hike
Fossil Falls Hike
Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump
Hidden Lake Hike
Highwood Meadows Hike
Hoodoo Creek Hike
Ice Falls Two O'clock Creek
Indian Oils Sheep River
Kananaskis Fire Lookout
Kinglet Lake Hike
Lake Of The Horns Hike
Loomis Lake Bike and Hike
Loudon Creek Hike
Lower Kananaskis Lake
Moose Mountain Hike
Moose Mountain Ice Cave Hike
Mount Lipsett
Nihahi Ridge Hike
Owen Creek Hike
Picklejar Lakes Hike
Powder Face Trail
Prairie Mountain Hike
Prairie View Mountain Hike
Ptarmigan Cirque Hike
Rawson Lake Hike
Reynolds Alberta Museum
Robertson Glacier Hike
Royal Tyrrell Museum
Running Rain Lake Hike
Sheep River Falls
Siffleur Falls
Tombstone Lakes
Two O'clock Ridge Hike
Tuff Puff Hike
Upper Kananaskis Lake
Vision Quest Hike
Writing On Stone
Yamnuska Mountain Scramble or Hike
 Banff National Park Hikes
Arnica Lake Hike
Aylmer Lookout Hike
Boom Lake Hike
Bow Lake and Bow Falls
Bow Lake Lookout Hike
Bourgeau Lake Hike
Boundary Lake Hike
Caldron Lake Hike
Castleguard Mountain Alpine Climb
Cirque and Chephren Lakes Hike
Cirque Peak Scramble
Consolation Lakes Hike
Eiffel Lake Hike
Fish Lakes Back Pack
Glacier Lake Hike
Helen Lake Hike
Hilda Glacier Hike
Hoodoos Near Banff
Johnston Canyon
Lake Agnes Hike
Lake Annette Hike
Lake Louise
Lake Louise Tea House
Lake Minnewanka
Larch Valley Hike
Moraine Lake
Mount Bourgeau Hike
Mount Hector Alpine Climb
Mount Fairview Hike
Mount Temple Scramble
O'Brien Lake Hike
Parker Ridge and Hilda Ridge Hike
Paradise Valley Hike
Peyto Lake Hike
Plain of Six Glaciers Hike
Rockbound Lake Hike
Sentinel Pass and Larch valley
Saskatchewan Glacier
Silverton Falls
Sunset Lookout Hike
Sunset Pass Hike
Taylor Lake Hike
Twin Lakes Hike
Valley of the Ten Peaks
Weeping Wall Waterfall
Wenkchemna Pass
 Jasper National Park Hikes
Athabasca Falls
Bald Hills Hike
Horseshoe Lake Hike
Maligne Canyon Hike
Miette Hot Springs
Mount Athabasca Alpine Climb
Mount Athabasca North Glacier Hike
Mount Edith Cavell Hike
Nigel Pass Hike
Opal Hills Hike
Punch Bowl Falls Hike
Sky Line Back Pack
Sulphur Skyline Hike
Whistlers Hike or Tram
Wilcox Pass Hike
 Waterton National Park Hikes
Alderson Carthew Hike
Bertha Lake and Falls Hike
Buffalo Paddock Hike
Blackiston Falls Hike
Crandell Lake Hike
Crypt Lake Hike
Cameron Lake Hike
Forum Lake Hike
Goat Haunt Waterton Lake Shore Hike
Goat Lake Hike
Lineham Falls Hike
Lineham Ridge Hike
Red Rock Canyon Hike
Wall Lake Hike

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