Waterfowl Lakes Campground Banff National Park.

The Waterfowl Lakes Campground is located in the Rocky Mountains on the Icefields Parkway 57km north of Lake Louise .There are 116 un-serviced sites with picnic tables and fire pits, fire wood is available when purchasing a fire permit. The campground is split into three sections, one for RV's, Tents near the lower lake and walk in Tent sites on the south side. The campground also has several piped water stations, flush toilets, sheltered camp kitchens with wood burning cook stoves,  recycling bins, amphitheatre, sani dump and food storage. This is bear country, food and food related items must be stored properly. There are two lakes, Upper Waterfowl and Lower Waterfowl, both fed by the Mistaya River. The lower lake runs along the highway, the upper lake is the prettier of the two and is a short walk from the south end of the campground. The lakes are colored from Glacial silt coming from Peyto Lake and the Peyto Glacier. I did see small fish jumping in the upper lake, a National Park fishing license is required if you want to try your luck. This campground is centrally located in the best of what Banff National Park has to offer. Peyto Lake and Bow Lake are located nearby to the south and Saskatchewan Crossing to the north. There are plenty of beautiful hikes in this area. The trailhead to Cirque Lake and Chephren Lake is located right at the south west end of the Campground. Both are easy hikes and worth the effort. Cirque Lake is higher in elevation but more rewarding. The trail to Chephren Lake offers outstanding views of Howes Peak and Mount Chephren however the trail winds through a lot of wet and muddy bogs. You'll appreciate how good hiking boots keep your feet dry here. Peyto Lake Hike, Helen Lake, Cirque Peak, Bow Lake Lookout Hike, Bow Falls Hike, Caldron Lake are also located near here.

See the official web site link below for fees, opening and closing dates.

 Camp Ground Layout  

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Upper Water Fowl Lake  Upper Water Fowl Lake
Lower Water Fowl Lake Mistaya River joining the two lakes
  Mount Chephren

Self registration. National Park campgrounds tend to fill quickly and are usually full for the night by early afternoon.

Lower Water Fowl Lake Mistaya River
Lower Water Fowl Lake Mistaya River

trailhead hikes to Cirque and Chephren Lakes.

trailhead is located at the south west end of the Campground.

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Views of Bow Lake. Located just south of Water Fowl Lakes campground.

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