Allstones Lake Hike

  Ratings:    Ratings 4 Star
Level: ModerateTime/Dist: 3 to 4 hours / 5K returnElevation Gain: 660m

Trailhead: Park on the east side of the David Thompson Highway (#11) just past the causeway going over Allstones Creek. 194kms west of Rocky Mountain House. 4.5 hour drive from Edmonton, 3.5 hours from Calgary. If you're traveling from Calgary the route through the National Parks is shorter than heading through Rocky Mountain House.

Description: Locate the trailheads wooden sigh post on the other side of the highway. Continue on as the trail ascends towards Allstones Lake with several steep sections. Within an hour or so the trail opens up to nice views towards Abraham Lake and Mount Michener. Once you reach the top of the ridge the trail forks left towards Allstones Lake and right towards a lookout above the lake. Take the trail to your left that drops slightly to Allstones Lake. When you arrive at the lake you will be rewarded by its beautiful colour and the surrounding views. There are several backcountry campsites located next to the lakeshore. Sadly some users have chopped down several large trees and stripped live branches off those that are still standing in a futile attempt to build a fire. The days of burning fires at backcountry campsites are over. It cannot be sustained and will only lead to closures. Allstones Lake is stocked with Brook Trout. You'll need a fishing license to try out your luck. The lake is approximately 1/2km long and 200m wide, perfect for belly boats if you're strong enough to carry one up. The grassy ridge above the north end of the lake provides excellent views of Allstones Lake and the surrounding area.

Near Here: Local campgrounds include Rampart Creek, Thompson Creek, Two O'clock Creek, Dry Haven, Gold Eye Lake, Fish Lake and Crescent Falls Campground. Trailheads to Alexandra's Henry's Trail, Big Whirlpool, Glacier Lake, Kinglet Lake, Loudan Creek, Icefalls Two O'clock Creek, Sunset Lookout, Owen Creek, Michelle Lakes, Siffleur Falls, Tuff Puff, Two O'clock Ridge, Coral Ridge, Vision Quest, Hoodoo Creek, Allstones Creek, Crescent Falls, Windy Point Ridge, Siffleur Falls, Vision Quest, are all located near here. You are in bear country.

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Allstones Creek Allstones Lake Trailhead Parking Area
trailhead and Abraham Lake Abraham Lake
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Allstones Lake Allstones Lake
Allstones Lake Allstones Lake
Allstones Lake Allstones Lake
Allstones Lake Allstones Lake
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