Hike or Tram Whistlers Mountain Jasper National Park.

The Jasper Tramway up Whistlers mountain is a few minutes away from the Whistlers campground and 3K south of the Jasper Town site. You can ride the Tram almost to the top of Mount Whistler, then hike another 200 Meters to the Summit. Views from here are outstanding and you can see up to 80K away. On a clear day you can see Mount Robson (3954 Meters) to the west, the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies. Mount Edith Cavell and the Icefields Parkway can be viewed to the south. Pyramid Mountain, Pyramid Lake, Patricia Lake, Lake Edith, Lake Annette, and the Jasper Town site cab be seen to the north. There is a restaurant and souvenir shop located at the top of the upper tramway. On the summit you'll find a mounted brass monument with mountain markers pointing outward. These lines point and identify the prominent peaks that can be seen on the horizon. The skyway tram is an excellent starting point if you want to hike the adjoining peaks and their ridges. There is a lot to explore up here and an early start would make for an adventuress day. Hiking this high country would be best in Late June and on when the snow has melted. Marmots can be heard screeching their calls to one another and are used to people approaching them. The Hoary Marmot you see below was very interested in our Dog Skoal. If you want to Hike to the top instead of taking the tram the elevation gain is over 1000 Meters, allow 3.5 hours to the top. Miette Host Springs and trailheads to Opal Hills, Sky Line, Mount Edith Cavell, Sulphur Skyline, Maligne Canyon, Horse Shoe Lake and Athabasca Falls are also located in this area. You are in bear country.

Local Campground


Mount Edith Cavell.  
Summit of Mount Whistlers. Summit of Mount Whistlers.
  Mount Robson in far background to right.
Hoary Marmot Hoary Marmot
Hoary Marmot Hoary Marmot

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