Alberta Canada Goose  (Branta canadenis)


White cheek patches on a black head and neck identify these geese at rest or in flight. The back and wings are grayish brown, the breast and sides light grayish brown, with abdomen and upper and lower tail coverts white. The beak and legs are black. These geese are widely distributed, ranging from the northern United States to the Arctic. Occasionally, they winter in southern Alberta. They nest on the ground, preferably on islands in the many rivers and lakes and occasionally in nesting boxes and tress. The nest consists of reeds and grass, lined with down and contains four to seven eggs of a creamy-white color. Their food consists of eel grass, grass shoots and grain. They make regular morning and evening flights from the lakes to grain fields and feed in the same spot for several days if not disturbed. (Text information was provided by Alberta Government Resource Development.)

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Canada Goose Canada Goose
  Canada Geese With Goslings
Canada Goose Canada Goose
Canada Goose Canada Goose
Canada Goose Nesting In Tree