Alberta Double Crested Cormorant


These are large blackish water birds which appear to have S-shaped necks when perched. They swim with their bills lifted up and fly with a heavy wing beat and a bend in the neck. This species has a yellow-orange throat patch and range in most of north America and from coast to coast. They migrate south to Belize to overwinter. Double Crested Cormorants can be found in Alberta during the summer months. They nest colonially on trees around lakes and rivers. Their large, bulky nests are made from sticks and they feed on fish and crustaceans. Colonies have often been exterminated as they are blamed for overfishing. Pelicans are often seen feeding in the same area as double-crested cormorants. When cormorants dive, they may flush small fish toward the surface to become easy targets for waiting pelicans. A group of White Pelicans may even rob a cormorant of fish it has just brought up from deep water. (Text information was provided by Alberta Government Resource Development.)

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Double Crested Cormorant Double Crested Cormorant