Alberta Prairie Falcon


The prairie falcon is a light brown falcon most commonly found on the plains, and only occasionally in wooded areas. It is as large as the peregrine but the plumage is much paler. The adult prairie falcon is light brownish grey above and white or cream streaked with dark brown on the underside. From below, it is most easily distinguished by the long, dark feathers under each wing base.

The prairie falcon breeds and winters throughout western north America. Prime prairie falcon habitat is the typically dry open country of the west in the vicinity of cliffs, coulees, canyons, badlands or rock outcroppings. It is found in the prairie and foothill zones of southern Alberta. Ledges or crevices in cliffs provide inconspicuous eyries, or high nesting places, where 3 to 6 cream eggs blotched with brown are laid in scrapes of sand or gravel. Prey includes rodents, young rabbits and birds. (Text information was provided by Alberta Government Resource Development.)

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Alberta Prairie Falcon Alberta Prairie Falcon
Prairie Falcon  
Alberta Prairie Falcon